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gLite to Desktop Grid bridging

The goal of bridging gLite to Desktop Grid systems is to transparently transfer parametric jobs from the gLite VO to one or more supporting BOINC systems and to distribute the large number of job instances of the parametric job among the large number of BOINC client resources.

In order to extend gLite VOs with BOINC systems we designed a bridging solution. The following two key components in the infrastructure represent the two pillars of the bridge:

  • modified gLite CREAM CE: it extracts the job from the gLite system and transfers it to a remote desktop grid site
  • 3G Bridge service: it is running on the remote desktop grid site to receive the incoming jobs through its WS-SOAP interface and to insert the jobs into the BOINC project

Two optional components that are strongly recommended to be deployed:

  • MetaJob plugin: due to scalability issues on the gLite side, the MetaJob plugin allows submitting a batch of jobs through the bridge
  • GBAC: to handle heterogeneity of the BOINC clients and untrusted or unsafe applications, the GBAC virtualization framework enables running jobs inside virtual machines on the BOINC clients

In order to realise this scenario, perform the following steps:

  1. Setup a SZTAKI-BOINC server based on this manual
  2. Install the 3G Bridge component
  3. Configure the DC-API plugin of 3G Bridge
  4. Configure the WS-SOAP interface of 3G Bridge based on this manual
  5. Optionally, configure the MetaJob plugin for 3G Bridge
  6. Deploy the GBAC virtualisation framework based on this manual
  7. Install and configure the modified gLite CREAM CE within your gLite infrastructure based on the gLite installation manual.

As a result, gLite jobs will be automatically transferred to the BOINC project as workunits for the GBAC applications and will be executed on the BOINC resources inside a virtual machine operated by VirtualBox.

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