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SZTAKI-BOINC is basically an extended version of the BOINC server packed in a Debian® package, to make server deployment as easy as possible. The SZTAKI Desktop Grid package is the main software component of a public, worldwide accessible desktop grid system. To effectively aid massive number of participants an extensive website component is part of this package.

With SZTAKI Desktop Grid you can easily gain significant processing power for all of your computing intensive applications. Desktop grids allow vast number of single PCs to be connected in a grid-like system, adding up their processing power. Desktop grid systems are currently serving several cutting edge research areas, like cancer- research or searching for extraterrestrial intelligence.

The SZTAKI-BOINC package can be used to setup a volunteer boinc project (public) and also a campus boinc project (only pre-defined machines may connect). Example for volunteer-based public desktop grid is the “SZTAKI Desktop Grid” boinc project at this url. You can find it among the official list of volunteer BOINC projects. Below you can see a screenshot of the SZTAKI Desktop Grid site.

 SZTAKI Desktop Grid

To deploy the SZTAKI Desktop Grid software, please follow the instructions of the SZTAKI-BOINC manual.

To learn about the various features of the BOINC software (packed in SZTAKI-BOINC) visit the BOINC wiki site.

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