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gUSE portal

gUSE (Grid and cloud User Support Environment) is a DCI (Distributed Computing Infrastructure) virtualization environment providing a scalable set of high-level services by which interoperation between DCIs and user communities can be achieved.

The WS-PGRADE Portal is a web portal of the gUSE and it is the second generation P-GRADE portal that introduces many advanced features both at the workflow and architecture level. It supports development and submission of distributed applications executed on the computational resources of various distributed computing infrastructures (DCIs) including clusters, service grids (ARC, gLite, Globus, UNICORE), BOINC desktop grids and Google App Engine cloud.

It explicitly distinguishes between two different types of user communities: application developers and end-users. Through a dedicated view, the application developers have access to all the advanced workflow features (graph, abstract workflow, template, application and project) to develop new workflow applications.

The built-in gUSE repository stores the workflow objects published by the application developers, to be downloaded and further developed by the community. The gUSE repository provides a forum for collaboration and enables workflow sharing between application developers.

The gUSE homepage is at

gUSE is distributed as open source software and is maintained under the gUSE project on SourceForge.

We recommend to use gUSE 3.5.2. You can find an easy to use description of the installation process in the gUSE Install Wizard Manual.

Once you successfully setup the gUSE and its backend called DCI bridge, you need to add a BOINC grid to the DCI Bridge that will handle job transfer to your selected BOINC project. For that purpose, please use the DCI Bridge manual, you will find the steps for this configuration at Section 2.9.

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