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 or a matching or a matching
 [[http://​​viewvc/​edges-3g-bridge/​3g-bridge/​tags/​|release]] [[http://​​viewvc/​edges-3g-bridge/​3g-bridge/​tags/​|release]]
-version of the WSDL from Sourceforge. ​We also provide a simple CLI tool, **''​wsclient''​**,​ to access this interface.+version of the WSDL from Sourceforge. ​In the 3G Bridge install packages, we also provide a simple CLI tool, **''​wsclient''​**,​ to access this interface.
 === See also === === See also ===
   * [[manual:​soapif|User and admin guide]]   * [[manual:​soapif|User and admin guide]]
   * [[interface:​rest|REST interface]]   * [[interface:​rest|REST interface]]
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