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Configuring the DownloadManager plugin

The 3G Bridge can download remote input files from http sources, before submitting a job to the backend—if the back-end plugin cannot handle them.

In BOINC, if you specify remote input files with their MD5 checksums and their sizes, the BOINC clients will be able to download these input files for themselves. Because of scalability, this is the preferred method.

Metajobs are interpreted by the 3G Bridge; therefore, when submitting Metajobs, if a Metajob file (_3gb-metajob*) is specified as a remote file upon submission, the Metajob plugin will rely on the DownloadManager to acquire that file.

If you need the Bridge to download remote input files, you only have to add an additional section to the 3G Bridge configuration. The name of the section can be anything, the handler has to be DownloadManager. Specify the maximum number of concurrent downloads with the download-threads setting.


handler = DownloadManager
download-threads = 10
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