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CloudBridge is a job execution middleware for gUSE. It can be accessed using the CloudBridge submitter of DCI Bridge. It consist of the Cloud plugin component of 3G Bridge extended with a Cloud Resource Manager component and a batch system for executing the jobs. It provides an elastic, VPN-enabled, multi-cloud, on-demand computing cluster for executing gUSE jobs. Currently Condor is used as the batch system.


The figure below shows the general architecture of the solution. The “Cloud-Manager” which is the combination of the 3G Bridge, the Cloud plugin and the Cloud Resource Manager is accessed from gUSE by the DCI Bridge. It sees a 3G Bridge that accepts jobs for a cluster managed by Condor.

<WRAP box center> <WRAP centeralign>CloudBridge architecture</WRAP> </WRAP>

The major components of the system are the following: a) “Cloud-Manager” (includes 3G Bridge, Cloud plugin and the Cloud Resource Manager); b) A Condor master node and c) A VPN head node. These three components can be deployed on a single node however the VPN Head must be on a public IP if more clouds are to be used. This is required so that all Condor workers in all clouds can access the VPN head. A special Condor worker image is provided that requires the address of the Condor master, the address of the VPN head and a key for VPN authentication as contextualization data. This image needs to be deployed and accessible on all clouds configured for the system.

When a job arrives to 3G Bridge it is forwarded to the Condor pool. This pool has initially no workers configured. The Cloud Resource Manager monitors the condor pool for jobs and workers and starts/ stops new workers dynamically in the configured clouds.

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