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      gLite mCE


      The taks of the gLite mCE component is to forward gLite jobs to 3G Bridge services. That is, it operates as a bridge between gLite and grids supported by the 3G Bridge. The typical usage scenario for the gLite mCE component is to forward gLite jobs to desktop grids.


      The gLite mCE component can be installed over a properly configured EMI-2 gLite CE node. Please consult the current EMI documentation on how to perform this deployment.


      Installation consists of the following steps:

      1. add the EDGI repo to the repository list,
      2. install the necessary mCE packages (gLite component and Yaim configuration package).

      Add the EDGI repo

      Add the following content to file /etc/yum.repos.d/edgi.repo:

      name=EDGI Grid Deployment

      Once done, run yum update.

      Install the mCE packages

      Run the following command to run the necessary mCE packages:

      $ yum install edgiexecutor

      This will install the necessary Yaim configuration package (glite-yaim-edgi-bridge) as well.


      In the gLite mCE, each CE queue forwards jobs to a specific 3G Bridge service. The configuration of this association is described here. If you're interested in how to configure queues, VOs and VO-queue associations, please consult the EMI documentation.

      Copy the file /opt/glite/yaim/examples/siteinfo/services/glite-edgi_bridge to a file called services/glite-edgi_bridge in your CE's Yaim configuration directory (where your site-info.def file resides). The source files provides an example configuration for the gLite mCE with multiple queues enabled. An example on how to prepare the file is as follows:

      $ cd ~/glite
      $ mkdir -p services
      $ cp /opt/glite/yaim/examples/siteinfo/services/glite-edgi_bridge services/glite-edgi_bridge
      $ vim services/glite-edgi_bridge

      Modify the following configuration variables according to your setup in the glite-edgi_bridge file:

      • EDGI_AR_URL: specifies the URL of the EDGI Application Repository. Leave this field empty with configurations without an EDGI AR
      • EDGI_AR_FILEPREFIX: specifies prefix of file URLs stored within the EDGI AR. Once logged in to the EDGI AR, you can get this prefix by querying files of some of the applications, and removing the application-specific part. Leave this field empty with configurations without an EDGI AR
      • EDGI_STORAGE_PREFIX: specifies the filesystem path where the mCE should put inputs of jobs. These files will be downloaded by the 3G Bridge services. Please see additionally the EDGI_HTTP_URL variable as
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