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Deploying and configuring the modified BOINC client

This is an installation manual for deploying and configuring a modified BOINC client (that is inserting the incoming workunits as jobs into a 3G Bridge queue).

Important note: if you want to implement a DG to gLite bridging, perform the step of the gLite plugin installation first, then continue with this one.

This component is often used in combination with the gLite plugin to transfer jobs from DG to gLite, therefore we assume that you already performed the steps of the gLite plugin installation and assume you are using Scientific Linux 4 or 5.

1. Prerequisites

  • at least 512M RAM recommended
  • at least 1G of free HDD space recommended
  • Scientific Linux 4 or 5
  • MySQL server installed on the machine

2. Set up the EDGeS/EDGI YUM repository

Scientific Linux 4:

# cat /etc/yum.repos.d/edges.repo
name=EDGeS Grid Deployment

Scientific Linux 5:

# cat /etc/yum.repos.d/edgi.repo
name=EDGI Grid Deployment

3. Install the necessary packages

  • Scientific Linux 4:
    • boinc-jobwrapper-client
  • Scientific Linux 5:
    • 3g-bridge-jobwrapper

4. Configure the BOINc jobwrapper for 3G Bridge

  • Configure the bridge:
    • Update [database] access informations in /etc/3g-bridge.conf
    • Set up a BOINC job source in /etc/3g-bridge.conf. You have to set up the following properties:
      • a name for the job source surrounded by “[” and “]” e.g. [jobwrapper]
      • the target plugin instance to use e.g. 'grid = boincgrid'

you may set other optional parameters such as logging otherwise [defaults] specified in the config file are used

  • Create a new empty work directory for the BOINC jobwrapper client. (Its name is not important but the rpm packaged version expects these directories to reside under /var/lib/3g-bridge with a name matching jobwrapper-* then you can use the supplied init script to start/stop multiple boinc_jobwrapper_clients.)
  • Create a configuration file jobwrapper_client.xml in this directory. Modify attribute values in this configuration file according to your settings:
    • location of the jobwrapper executable: <jobwrapper_binary> tag
    • number of workunit/CPU slots to use (this determined how many workunits are processed concurently): <cpu> tag
    • location of the 3g-bridge configuration file: <bridge_conf> tag
    • configuration section for this job source: <conf_section> tag
    • (optional) port to use for remote management: <gui_rpc_port> tag Make sure that the directory and config file is owned by the user the bridge will be running as
$ chown 3g-bridge:3g-bridge /var/lib/3g-bridge/jobwrapper-boinc

(An example jobwrapper_client.xml file is provided in the examples directory.)

  • Start the boinc_jobwrapper_client in this new directory, and attach to the requested BOINC project. Do this as the user created for the bridge, on SL4/5 you can get a shell with the following command 'runuser -s /bin/bash 3g-bridge'):
$ boinc_jobwrapper_client --no_gui_rpc --attach_project <URL> <KEY>

The BOINC jobwrapper client begins fetching workunits from the BOINC and places them into the 3G Bridge queue i.e. to the database.

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