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      SZTAKI-BOINC Installation

      1.Operating System

      A desktopgrid server requires a low cost server hardware and a configured operating system (Debian®) with BOINC installed. To make the install procedure a snap, we provide BOINC in a fine-tuned Debian® package.

      The recommended hardware configuration up to 1000 connected PCs:

      • Processor: 1000 Mhz Intel® Pentium®
      • Hard disk: 60GB
      • Internet: 100Mbit/sec

      Up to 100 PCs a virtual machine is also suitable.

      The recommended hardware configuration over 1000 connected PCs:

      • Processor: 2000 Mhz Intel® Pentium®
      • Hard disk: 100GB
      • Internet: 100Mbit/sec

      If you have the hardware prepared and it is connected to the internet, install the latest release of Debian. Assuming the server has a high-speed uplink to the internet, we recommend to install Debian® via the internet. Download the minimal CD set of Debian. Choose the i386 version from the official netinst images for the “stable” release. Burn the downloaded image on a CD and boot it up. Install the Debian® operating system by following the on screen instructions. If you may need any help with the install, please use this online manual or contact our laboratory. After the operating system has been installed it has to be set up for network usage. Also, please note that for most of the configuration tasks you will need root privileges. First insert the following in the /etc/hosts file. Change the IP address and the domain name of the second line in the example to the values of your own.        localhost.localdomain   localhost    boinc

      The first line is the localhost address. It is same for everyone. The second line is the IP address and the domain of the server where the BOINC server package will be installed.

      2.Install a mailing system

      This is necessary for a public project, so users can recieve their registration details via email, but can be skipped for a local install. In the example below we demonstrate the installation of exim. Naturally, you can exchange this to any other mailing system available for the Debian® operating system.

      $ apt-get install postfix

      To configure the Postfix MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) please refer to the postfix man page.

      3.Install the BOINC server

      The BOINC server package can be installed using apt. Add the following line to the /etc/apt/sources.list file:

      deb squeeze szdg


      $ apt-get update

      In case you receive a PGP error, run

      $ apt-key advanced --keyserver --recv-keys 6A2165907B1AAC6F


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