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Bridging alternatives

The following question helps you to identify your requirements and navigates you to the scenario or to the combination of scenarios that most suitable for you.

3. Would you like to transfer jobs to/from other grid infrastructure(s)?

A. No thanks, I will use SZTAKI-BOINC only

If you do not plan to apply an automatic job transfer between two different grid infrastructure (one of them is a SZTAKI Desktop Grid) then you do not need any additional tool. However, if you are interested in the alternatives, please visit the relevant pages listed under the other possible answers of this question.

B. Yes, I have a gLite infrastructure and would like to transfer my gLite jobs to my SZTAKI Desktop Grid server

For automatic transfer of jobs from a gLite infrastructure to a SZTAKI Desktop Grid site, we recommend to use the gLite to DG bridging scenario or its variant, called gLite to DG with EDGI repository. Both of these scenarios implement the automatic transfer of jobs, however the latter version supports the collection of applications and a high-level of job flow-control over a federation of Desktop Grid sites.

C. Yes, I have a gLite infrastructure and would like to use my gLite resources to process my Desktop Grid workunits

For automatic transfer of jobs from a BOINC project to gLite VO, we recommend to use the DG to gLite bridging scenario. This scenario is able to continuously fetch workunits with the help of a modified BOINC client and insert it to a 3G Bridge queue. On the output side of the 3G Bridge a gLite (EGEE) output plugin takes care of submitting the jobs to a gLite VO based on the configuration.

D. My preferred answer is not listed here

Please, contact to the SZTAKI Desktop Grid team for assistance.

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