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Cloud setup

The cloud setup is an enhanced version of a SZTAKI Desktop Grid site, i.e. beyond a complete BOINC project and the enhanced job submission mechanism provided by 3G Bridge a cloud resource handling mechanism supported by the Cloud plugin of 3G Bridge is also available. Comparing to the basic setup this scenario offers the possibility to dynamically attach BOINC resources in a Cloud infrastructure on demand. We recommend to use this setup whenever cloud resources are about to be used for workunit processing. Based on this setup, both a volunteer or a private desktop grid can be formed. The cloud setup is the starting point to integrate cloud resources to your SZTAKI Desktop Grid server.

In order to realise this scenario, perform the following steps:

  1. Install the SZTAKI-BOINC software based on this manual
  2. Install a 3G Bridge component
  3. Configure the DC-API plugin to let 3G Bridge access the BOINC database
  4. Deploy the BOINC client image on your cloud
  5. Configure the Cloud plugin based on this manual

As a result, you will have a full-featured BOINC project enhanced with the submission mechanism of 3G Bridge through its plugins. DC-API plugin will handle the individual workunits in the BOINC project, while the cloud plugin will give you an easy-to-use interface for controlling the number of BOINC client instances inside your Cloud infrastructure. For more details, please read the relevant manuals.

NOTE: By default 3G Bridge comes with a SOAP interface, but you can alternatively change to the REST interface depending on your scenario and/or usage preferences.

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