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Welcome to the SZTAKI Desktop Grid documentation and training site!

This site serves as a knowledge-base and on-line educational material for desktop grid related software tools developed by the SZTAKI desktop grid team (or is in a close relation to those tools). The aim of this site is to help and train the administrators/operators to navigate among the various alternatives of solution when building a Desktop Grid site and to help the application developers on how to use the support tools for making an application desktop grid compliant.

The bases for the SZTAKI Desktop Grid site is the SZTAKI-BOINC software package, that is a SZTAKI variant of BOINC packed in a debian package. Most of the tools are based on the SZTAKI-BOINC package.

The site contains the following main sections:

  • Navigation: lets you decide on which scenarios or tools you will need
  • Scenarios : sets/combination of tools and methods to serve a use case
  • Components: high-level overview of the most important components
  • Manuals : detailed instructions on installation/configuration/usage
  • Images : virtual appliances containing (set of) pre-installed tools

If you are a newcomer, please start with the navigation to discover your requirements.

The usage of software tools introduced on this site are free of charge for academic partners. In any other case please contact us. We appreciate any feedbacks using our tools, we are also ready to support our partners in solving any technical related problems. If you consider our tools useful, please refer to any of our scientific publications.

This site and educational materials have been created and introduced in the IDGF-SP EU FP7 project under the supervision of Robert Lovas.

IDGF-SP is supported by the FP7 Capacities Programme under grant agreement nr RI-312297.

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